: Bringing 2.2m consumers back into the brand

Richmond Sausages

A sentiment overhaul, online

Despite knowing they could live up to their claim of being ‘The Nation’s Favourite’ in terms of volume sales, Richmond were finding this a harder sell when it came to brand sentiment.

Online, Richmond were vulnerable, and open to serious criticism. So, while the brand’s above-the-line tactic was to say their ‘Nation’s Favourite’ positioning, our digital strategy was to go online and prove it.

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You and the team are helping the Nation fall back in love with our brand – so we wanted to share the love back and remind you of the success we are having. We really appreciate you guys and all your efforts.

Dawn Spencer – Marketing Director, Kerry Foods

The results:

  • 206m The campaign achieved an overall reach of
  • 40m Social impressions
  • 11m Social engagements
  • 11m Video views
  • 88 Pieces of PR coverage
  • 2.2m New shoppers since the launch
  • +4.9% Revenue increase since last year
  • +8.6% Volume sales increase vs their budget