: Reaching 3.3 million consumers through Live Social

A live Christmas Special for Primark

Awards and nominations:

A LIVE Christmas special

To engage Primark’s hugly loyal following during the media frenzy that is the UK festive period, we decided to avoid the competition for TV spots, and use Facebook LIVE to cut through the noise.

We created a truly immersive LIVE TV experience, involving the audience in a two-way dialogue – like the days of 90s saturday morning TV shows – but in a place the audience was now spending their time. Online.

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Going LIVE all day

We broadcasted five 30 minute live episodes over one day, hosting fashion shows, outfit price quizzes and on-set challenges. We brought the consumer into our world, with fun and genuinely engaging content that provided instant gratification for the instagram generation.

The results:

  • 3.7 MILLION users reached organically
  • 320.000 unique video views
  • 5000+ in-stream comments and interactions

Awards and nominations