: Making the brand relevant to a younger audience

Making memory cards memorable.

Finding a new audience

Kingston came to us with the challenge of recruiting the next generation of Kingston consumers – Millennials... just like their main competitor was doing and had been doing successfully for years. Kingston were too late, they needed a different strategy.

So we told them - to grow, they needed to look beyond Millennials and target a younger audience, an audience that no one else was looking at or catering for, Gen Z.

Reinvigorating the brand for a younger audience

Kingston had great products, but consumers weren’t thinking of them, let alone actively looking for them while they were shopping. For a memory card brand - they were pretty unmemorable.

We had to do something drastic to get Kingston on the radar of this digitally native audience. So we busted out of the safe zone that our competitors were living in, and spoke to Gen Zs in their own language - internet culture.

An SD fit for Gen Z

We created a playful new visual identity that was bold, loud and completely relatable to this digital audience.

We incorporated classic graphics, memes and symbols that are iconically associated with the early days of the internet, to evoke a little fun nostalgia in our young audience, and link the brand back to the theme of memory.

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What’s your read speed?

For the hero video, we had to convey the key feature of the product - speed - in a way that would grab the attention of Gen Zs and cut through on social. We created a speed reading test interjected with graphics and challenged the audience to keep up. This content was different and interesting enough to stop thumbs scrolling, and help Kingston stand out against the safe and generic landscape of memory brands.