: Finding Havana Club a new younger audience

Repositioning a rum icon for Gen-Z.

The brief: Grow, aggressively

Havana Club is the fifth largest rum brand in the world, but they knew that in order to become number 4, 3, 2 or 1, they need to be bold, and they needed to find new consumers.

Like so many other rum brands they had been fixated on the millenials and ‘craft hipsters’ – which meant growth in the category was hard, as every brand was saying the same thing. It was time to make the other brands look tired.

Solution: Lead the rum revolution by recruiting the next generation of consumers.

Instead of fighting it out with every other rum brand for the millennial/hipster consumer, we re-launched the brand focusing on what excites Generation-Z and the global street culture movement.

Brand re-launch: The Street Culture inspired Anti-Brand Guidelines

Instead of rigid brand standards our target market craves rebellious, confident, and iconic brands that are willing to pull and stretch and play with their own brands. So we made Havana Club brand new Anti-Brand guidelines, that gave the brand the freedom to express itself.

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“Impero's strategic thinking, knowledge of consumer target and design is outstanding.”

Nick Blacknell – Global Marketing Director, Havana Club