: Reinventing the brand & increasing sales by 10.1%

Taking a niche product to the masses

Redesigned packaging for a redesigned audience

For Goodness Shakes initially came to us with a challenge to refresh its packaging – they wanted to stand out on the shelf, educate their audience and become the premium brand in protein.

We told them – to grow, they’ll need to do more than that

They would need to focus on finding new consumers by acting less like a specialty product and more like a sports-lifestyle brand. And so that’s what we did.

Step 1: Brand modernisation

Step 2: New packaging

We redesigned all their packaging, moving the product away from a niche 'gym bro' look - to something with stylish fitness appeal.

Step 3: Create the launch campaign: Feel the good

We knew that for most regular fitness-conscious people, workouts weren’t designed to feel good - in fact they feel pretty damn hard. But that the feeling you got once you’d finished one, well that’s pure ‘good’. This insight created the perfect moment to align to our product and brand – and so the Feel The Good campaign was born.