: A 360º Experience

Bringing consumers into their Spanish home.

Awards and nominations:

Bringing the winery to life

As part of a wider digital campaign titled ‘Live Uncorked’, we wanted to bring Campo Viejo’s audience to the home of Rioja - to do so we created a fully immersive 360º tour of their award winning winery.

The experience was designed as a way to evolve the brand online, and to help consumers build a strong and long lasting affiliation with Campo Viejo, in the way they would if they were to experience the winery first hand.

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A unique, immersive experience

After much consumer research we learnt a simple but often overlooked insight - the more people know about a wine, the more they are interested in drinking it.

With this in mind, our virtual experience took viewers on a journey through the estate, allowing them to learn about the brand, the wines, and get a guided tasting from the chief winemaker.

Interactive touch-points created unique ways for consumers to discover the spaces, and extra visual information and animations worked seamlessly within the 360° experience, immersing the audience in the world of Campo Viejo.

Awards and nominations