: Returning Beefeater Gin to 15% global growth

Global brand relaunch

Awards and nominations:

Finding the next generation of gin consumers.

When Beefeater came to us, we knew we had to do something different. Gin was crowded, and the brand was loosing market share. So instead of fitting in with category norms and focusing on hipster botanicals and ideals, we decided to find a new audience for our brand.

We re-launched the brand by targeting the next generation of gin drinkers, who were young, urban and real – and being totally ignored by the category.

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We were looking for a partner to help us translate creatively what being from London means in the 21st Century. With Impero we have found a team that is 100% aligned with our vision and they have been since day one.

Eric Sampers – Brand Director Beefeater Gin

The results:

  • 500 Beefeater London Dry gin re-listed in 500 UK Tesco stores.
  • +15% Beefeater is now in 15% global growth (ex. Spain).

Awards and nominations